Mutima has greatly benefited from the commitment of volunteers who have visited from around the world. The main partner organization that Mutima works with is V2U (Volunteers 2 Uganda). However, Mutima welcomes anyone who would like to come and donate their time to the organization.

Volunteers can help in a variety of ways including:

  • Help with HIV counseling among the people affected by HIV
  • Do community outreach programs
  • Do HIV testing in the community and try to bring awareness to people
  • Do hygiene and sanitation programs in the community
  • Help to teach practical classes such as sewing, craft-making, gardening, hairdressing, charcoal-making, candle making, business classes, health classes etc.
  • Help with the construction of homes or buildings for members of Mutima

If you interested in fundraising or buying items before arriving at Mutima, please take a look at items the organisation could benefit from on our donations page.

Volunteers 2 Uganda


Volunteer Laura from Australia teaching members how to sew necklaces and bags

Mutima was recently spotted by Volunteer 2 Uganda as an organization they wanted their volunteers to work with, and Mutima has been extremely positively impacted by the efforts of volunteers who have come to help. Volunteers 2 Uganda often also works with IVHQ to encourage volunteers to come to placements in Uganda. Previous volunteers contributed in many different ways including providing Christmas packages to the women, providing women’s education, buying deworming tablets, helping with health camps, providing funding to send children of the women to school, providing daycare assistance, helping to provide toilets and other household items to women, providing malaria tablets and other medical equipment, buying sewing machines, teaching sewing lessons to make bags and necklaces, providing business assistance classes, HIV education classes, constructing small rooms for vocational trainings and daycare for the children, among many other things.

Mutima encourages all people to come out and help to teach any skills that would benefit the women. We are very grateful to anyone who comes to spend time with the women and also to those who are able to donate items and sponsorships of any form.

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