Meet the Women

Mutima women are all one of a kind. They are kind, hardworking women who have faced a multitude of different challenges in their lives. Some are single mothers, some are widows, and many have HIV/AIDS. However, what brings them together is a common desire to strive towards a better life for themselves and for their families.

These are some of their stories.



Nakimuli Ruth

Nakimuli Ruth

Nakimuli Ruth is a widow who stays at Kabaale village in Entebbe. Ruth is a widow who is HIV positive, and she has four children and a number of grandchildren. Ruth first came to Mutima after a number of counseling sessions with Pastor Lilian Nanteza. She is an energetic and hardworking woman and has learned many new skills through Mutima such as basket-making, mat-making and her English skills have improved significantly.






Nalumu Flavia

Flavia Nalumu

Flavia was born in 1986 and is an HIV positive mother of 3. She lives with her husband, who is also infected, in Bugabo. Flavia joined Mutima in its early stages in 2015. She faces many financial challenges and did not have any concrete skills prior to joining Mutima but has since learned many skills such as beadwork and craft-making, among others. Flavia has been able to benefit financially from selling some of the items she has made at Mutima.

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