Pastor Lilian Nanteza

In 2013 Pastor Lilian Nanteza of Victor’s Church International opened a charity care centre that evolved into Mutima Outreach Ministries in Kitala, Uganda. The care centre was formed after a church member, Nakato Rose, died of HIV/AIDS and left behind children who had no one to care for them. Lilian took in the children and created a home but after a few months, the home had to be closed because there was not enough funding to keep it running. The church responded with members donating whatever they could to help support the children of Nakato Rose, as well as other needy people in the community. In 2014, the money that was raised was used every last Saturday of each month and was given to needy members of the community through charity projects. It was very important to Lilian and other founding members that the money not be distributed as a handout but rather used to empower women to start their own businesses and be more financially sustainable in the long-term.

By October 2015, it became increasingly evident that there was so much need that one Saturday per month was not sufficient, and that there should be a daily effort to help those in need. A decision was made to do more than just monthly support trips, and to focus on the continued support of women daily. By 2018, Mutima Outreach had an average of sixty women. Mutima members meet Monday to Friday at the centre in Kitala, and are involved in many activities ranging from craft-making activities to cooking lessons and business lessons. Many of the women are HIV positive and many are simply needy.



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