Fundraise & Donate

Mutima greatly appreciates any contributions that volunteers and others can make to the organisation.

If you are able to fundraise before visiting Mutima, please consider the following missions that are important to Mutima’s overall goals and progress. We are a team working together to fulfil all our goals, therefore, we believe it is necessary to be transparent in all matters, especially with regards to money allocation.

Financial Contributions

Previous volunteers who visited Mutima also started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the organization. If you would like to directly donate to this initiative please visit the following link.

Money from fundraising will go towards some of the following goals:

  • Teachers (Tailoring, Knitting, Shoe-making, Charcoal-making)
  • Market Stalls
  • Health Camps and materials
  • Craft Materials
  • Bracelet Fundraising
  • Sponsoring Children
  • Buying a printer for labelling items to sell
  • Food for Mutima women

Non-Financial Contributions

If you are interested in bringing physical items with you when you come to Mutima, please consider bringing some of the following items that the organisation could use.

  • Nursery supplies such as children’s reading books, colouring books etc.
  • Sanitary pads for the women
  • Any clothing items or materials you may no longer be using


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